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Vixen & Tod

Beautiful Soy Wax candles made locally in Thirsk, North Yorkshire. Vixen & Tod was created by a lovely husband and wife team, their imaginative fragrances and candle names are great and really fun!


"Let's get this out of the way first - a Vixen is a female fox (duh!) and a Tod is her male counterpart.

And that describes us. We're a husband and wife team living the domestic dream in rural North Yorkshire. And we're both massive candle fans - what started out as a necessity to cover up the smells of muddy football boots and burnt Super Noodles in our student flat grew into a passion that eventually took shape as V&T."

"Vixen & Tod candles are imagined with the mood and the moment first, and the fragrance to conjure that moment back up as soon as the wick is lit. So whatever you want to feel, wherever you want to mentally travel to, our aim is to have the fragrance that perfectly captures that feeling and recreates it for you in your home."

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