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  • Yorkshire Drizzle Gift Pack


    A selection of sweet drizzle oils and balsamic vinegars. 




    Smoked Rapeseed Oil - With it's subtle smoked flavour, this is the ideal oil to use when barbecuing Or why not try it stirred through mashed potatoes.


    Garlic Rapeseed Oil - Whilst intensely flavoured our garlic oil is not overpowering. Unlike using fresh garlic, our oil is consistent from the first drop to the last. So no more guess work and no more smelly hands from chopping garlic. Great on a steak, in a stir fry or a flavour packed start to your favourite casserole.


    Cumin and Coriander - With its warm, earthy spiced notes our Cumin & Coriander Rapeseed Oil is ideal to start off your favourite curries or Morroccan dishes. It's great on potato wedges too.


    Cracked Black Pepper Rapeseed Oil - With the aromatic flavours of freshly cracked black pepper this oil is sure to become a firm favourite in your repertoire. It is the ideal oil to pan fry venison or a restaurant perfect sirloin steak. With just a spritz of lemon juice you have an instant dressing to liven up you salads. Why not drizzle over oven baked potato wedges for a great accompaniment to those steaks.


    Chilli Rapeseed Oil - Our Chilli oil is the ideal way to provide a kick to your favourite recipes. The flavour builds to a pleasant, but definite level of heat. Unlike using fresh chillies the flavour of chilli oil is consistent from the first to the last drop. So no more guess work and no more burning sensation from handling chillies. Wonderful on stir fried prawn or chicken dishes and great for dipping.


    Lemon Rapeseed Oil - Perfect for livening up chicken dishes or why not try pan frying white fish fillets in our lemon oil to bring out the flavour of the sea. With a spritz of white wine vinegar you have an instant and versatile salad dressing that's sure to please. But its not just for savoury dishes, add it to your baking for a real lemon flavour or hot puddings.


    Balsamic Vinegars 


    Cherry Balsamic Vinegar -Delicious drizzled over a goats cheese and beetroot salad or why not spritz over pan fried duck breast. Combine this balsamic vinegar with maple syrup and smother over a shoulder of lamb before slow roasting. Try pouring over ice cream and fruity desserts or simply dip with fresh bread and Yorkshire Drizzle Original Rapeseed Oil.


    Fig and Orange Balsamic - Serve with grilled chicken, pan fried duck breast. Mix with our Chilli Oil for a zingy salad dressing. Combine with honey and spoon over sliced hot pork loin and sprinkle with chopped pistachio nuts. Pour over ice cream and citrus flavoured desserts. Also great to dip with fresh bread and Yorkshire Drizzle Original Rapeseed Oil.


    Passion Fruit and Sweet Chilli Balsamic - Delicious with pan fried salmon or a prawn stir fry, drizzle over a jerk chicken salad. Combine with our cracked black pepper oil for a zesty oriental style salad.


    Rasberry Balsamic Vinegar - Spoon over lamb chops, steak or drizzle over venison and other game meats. Serve with baked camembert. Great dessert ideas - try combining it with a little honey and served over chocolate brownies, drizzle over strawberries and cream or Eton Mess.


    Original Balsamic - A fine Balsamic Vinegar of Modena with a balanced, sweet, sour, full bodied taste. Try it with our Original oil for a tasty dip with bread. Delicious drizzled over fresh strawberries. also makes an ideal partner for tomatoes.

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